Youth Speak 2015 by AIESEC

I just took some time to share my voice with YouthSpeak, AIESEC, and the world. Here’s the result :


You are a Compass!

• Flexible thinking
• Innovation

For you, understanding and reflecting on problems is the key to making change. You know that it’s important to think before you act.

As a team member, you are always looking for new ways to solve a problem, and are often most likely to want to ensure proper research and effort has gone into a project before completing it. You are also driven by your values, and will ensure that you affiliate yourself with projects that align with them.

As a leader, your focus on understanding will be important to bring perspective and context to problems. Perhaps you will make brainstorms, or facilitate conversations so that others can develop and understand ideas. Remember, though, that it will be important to collaborate with people who can share your ideas and turn them into actions. You will never sacrifice your values in your work, and this combined with your ability to find new solutions to problems, will allow you to see things differently than others.

In the workplace, perhaps you will use your understanding of ideas to become a product designer, a writer, or a consultant.


Take your own in and find out more about you! Your strength are you weaknesses and your weaknesses are your strength. Be passionate!


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