Help We Give Books and LeapFrog Give Books to Several Schools!

Please join members of the several Schools community in this exciting opportunity to earn books for the school library, for free! We Give Books and LeapFrog have partnered up to give you and your kids the chance to support the important role that school libraries play in the lives of our children, by reading online during Read for My School. Together they are sharing 150,000 books with schools across the country.


Read for My School kicks off on March 19, 2013! The school community will join readers across the nation to read online from We Give Books’ digital library. For each book read on behalf of the school, we will receive a printed LeapFrog book for the school library. 150,000 books will go fast, so register today at Once the books are gone, we can keep reading for the chance to receive a visit from the We Give Books ReadMobile for the kids!

We Give Books is available all year, but this is our only chance to earn books directly for our school!


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