Traditional Restaurants and Tea Houses

There are enough traditional restaurants and tea houses in Insa-dong to fill every nook and cranny. Some are modern, but most have a distinctly traditional flavor.


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Sanchon serves vegetarian temple food and offers a traditional dance performance.

Jirisan is famous for delicious Korean home cooking.

Min’s Club serves traditional tea, wine and Korean and Western Food in a restored hanok (traditional Korean house).

Sadong Myeonok is renowed for mandguk (Korean dumpling soup).

Gaetmaeul Milbatjip is celebrated for kalguksu (homemade noodle soup).

Yetchatjip, Gwicheon and Jeontong Dawon, which is located inside Kyung-In Museum of Fine Arts, are popular traditional tea houses.

Seon Meditation is a tea house that introduces Korean-style meditation. It allows tourist to drink tea under the guidance of meditation teachers.

Another thing to try in Insa-dong is hotteok (cinnamon-sugar filled pancake) and kkultarae (string candy) sold by street vendors.

PS. Insa-dong Tourist Information Centers (there are tourist information centers at both ends of Insa-dong Street. You can get free maps, guide booklets and a complimentary tour guide booklets and a complimentary tour guide.

source: Korea Travel Guide


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